It Takes A Village to Build a Successful Human Resource Consultancy

Remember the rush you felt as you opened that first box of business cards announcing that you were your own boss, an independent human resource (HR) consultant? Sometime later, maybe weeks, maybe months, reality set in as you realized that being an independent HR consultant meant that there was only you to do all that work — everything from HR compliance to photocopying. Maybe that is why big companies have all those different departments.

All That Non-HR Work: Speaking of all that work, I bet that while you were dreaming of being an independent HR consultant, it did not occur to you that you would also have to do the back office stuff (sales, marketing, billing/invoicing, collections, travel planning, photocopying, telephone answering/returning calls, mailing/shipping, email reading and responding, appointment scheduling, correspondence, graphic design (business cards and other marketing collateral), website design, social media, business and marketing planning, networking, bookkeeping etc. too. Although the back office stuff seems like just annoying stuff, it is also necessary stuff — the stuff needed to keep any business running.

The reality of how much time and work is involved in operating a successful HR consultancy can be overwhelming and that can seriously impact productivity and forward momentum, but there are options for dealing with all that non-HR work:

  • Work harder
  • Work longer
  • Hire employee(s)
  • Throw in the towel
  • Interns
  • Outsource

Looking at the Options: Let us take a closer look at those options. Working harder or longer is not a viable option. After all, if you could work more than you are already working, you would be doing it. Throwing in the towel isn’t a good option. Hiring an employee is an option, albeit, not a great one. As an independent HR consultant knows, employees come with a built-in set of compliance/regulatory issues, and if you’re operating your consultancy from your home, you can add local regulations to that list of issues. Interns are an interesting option, but the amount of time you would spend on teaching them how to do things and supervising them is a continued drain on your time and productivity, and after the internship is done, you are back to square one.

Outsourcing is a good option for the independent human resource consultant. Outsourcing provides you with targeted expertise (a web designer to design a website, a graphic artist to design marketing collateral, etc.), as well as help only when you need it. Outsourcing eliminates all of the expenses and headaches that come with hiring an employee, and provides you with yet another contact for your virtual Rolodex (you never know who might need you down the road). Although outsourced workers are independent contractors, under IRS rules, you will need to keep a loose eye on the work you have assigned to them to make sure that they are meeting deadlines and quality standards.

Back to All that Work: Remember that list of back office activities needed to operate a successful HR consultancy? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and unless you want to spend your time ‘keeping a loose eye’ on 17+ independent contractors, you will want to combine as many of those back office activities as you possibly can so you can dwindle down the number of independent contractors you need to keep an eye on. You can combine bookkeeping, billing/invoicing and collections into one activity, thereby eliminating the need for two independent contractors. You may even be able to combine website design with graphic design, thereby eliminating the need for another independent contractor.

What would you say, however, if I told you that there is one outsourcing marvel that you can use to handle all that back office work? That outsourcing marvel is a Human Resource Virtual Assistant (HRVA). A HRVA provides targeted expertise in handling back office functions, as well as experience in working in human resources. An independent contractor in the eyes of the IRS, a HRVA is actually a self-employed administrative expert who specializes in human resources.

Although a HRVA cannot be all and do all, she can do the legwork needed to find other independent contractors who can do the things she does not or cannot do (and that’s surprisingly little), and a HRVA has the project management skills needed to keep an eye on those other independent contractors for you, making sure they meet deadlines and quality standards.

Stop working long hours in your HR consultancy trying to get everything done. Talk to a HRVA now, and find out how she can help you divest yourself of all those back office activities that don’t require your time or human resource expertise. Move your HR consultancy toward greater success and yourself toward a better life. Connect with a HRVA now!

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What Are The Different Types Of Heavy Trucks Out There?

Heavy trucks are a type of vehicle that is useful for moving large loads. They come in many shapes and sizes, but all heavy-duty vehicles have one thing in common; they can carry very heavy loads. Sometimes called 18-wheelers or semi-trailers, these trucks are designed to handle the heaviest cargo imaginable. In order to be able to drive one of these heavy vehicles however, you will need to get truck license training in Melbourne by following a reputed course.

There are several types of heavy-duty trucks out there. Such as an 18-wheeler or semi-trailer (often just called “semi”). This kind has its name because each trailer requires two sets of wheels,Guest Posting making 18 in total, and it is controlled by the driver of a semi-truck. These vehicles are massive, with some having up to 42 axles. They can be used for hauling cargo across both short distances (such as between nearby cities) or long ones (across oceans). Semi’s often transport goods via an international shipping container system that consists of large metal boxes designed specifically for carrying these kinds of trucks, so they don’t need to take apart their load before transporting it internationally.

Other types include dump trucks, tautliners, tractors / snow ploughs, cranes, dumpers/compactors, log carriers & skidders. Each type has different standards which must be met in order to comply with set regulations and laws and some have their own unique set of rules, which is why drivers should always follow a heavy vehicle training in Melbourne before applying for their license.

Operating methods of these different truck types include:

Manual operation
Full automatic
Remote control
Computer-assisted / robotics

Step-side trucks

Side step trucks are those that have a built-in step, usually located on the driver’s side of the truck. These types of trucks can be used for hauling and transporting different kinds of materials like steel beams to furniture items or appliances (by way of example). When it comes time to load up these bulky items into your vehicle keep in mind that you need plenty room around them so they don’t get damaged during transport; if possible, leave an empty space between other cargo already inside your car. One last consideration is making sure there is enough clearance over your head while driving; take measurements before buying any kind heavy vehicle. As with all larger automobiles, this type of trucks uses diesel engines and they can be very loud.

Straight trucks

This is a truck that has no side rails, but instead uses an open body to transport cargo. Straight trucks are those that have an open body and thus hold a lot of weight.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are also considered to be heavy trucks. This type of truck is used to move dirt and gravel by dumping it from the back of the vehicle. This type of cargo is normally moved around construction sites or other similar areas where there may need to be a lot of digging done. Dump trucks are incredibly important for this sort of work as they make it possible for people to quickly move large amounts of materials without needing many workers present at once in order to do so safely and efficiently.

Many different companies will rent out these sorts of vehicles because they can handle very tough terrain that regular vehicles would have problems with getting through on their own due to how well constructed their bodies are.

Garbage trucks

As you might have guessed, garbage trucks are designed specifically for picking up trash and taking it away. Garbage trucks are another type of heavy vehicle that many companies will rent out to haul away their trash. These types of trucks are often very large and can move a lot of weight with just one trip over time, which is why they’re so popular for the sort of work that people need done around their homes or businesses that would normally require several trips from smaller vehicles if it were attempted by someone else.

Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks are those that are used to carry materials that are usually in liquid form, whether they be oils or chemicals. They can even transport water if needed.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbeds haul things like construction equipment or large pieces of machinery that can’t be carried in other ways (like on a trailer). Flatbed trucks are one of the most popular types of heavy trucks out there.

Heavy trucks are the backbone of today’s economy and an important part of our lives. They can be used for a variety of tasks, from construction to transporting goods across country lines, however they do require specific licenses and in order get such a license you will first need to follow a heavy vehicle training in Melbourne.

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Selecting the Best Software for Your Restaurant to Scale Your Business

Buying a Software for Restaurant is a big commitment of both time and money, so you must do your research before making the purchase.

You probably didn’t get into the restaurant industry because you wanted to spend time trying to figure out technology. You much prefer good people,Guest Posting good food, and good drinks, and wanted to bring them all together. That being said, spending a bit of time sorting out the tech side of things particularly when it comes to your Software for Restaurant is a must to keep business running smoothly. Around 95 percent of restaurateurs reported that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency, and 73 percent of diners said that restaurant technology improves their guest experience. You’ve likely asked yourself, how do I choose the best POS system for my restaurant or bar? In this article, we’ll be answering that question.

Inventory Management

Food costs are estimated to be 28-35 percent of restaurant sales, but yet restaurants leave around $2 billion in food waste each year. Simply putting, inventory is critical, and managing that inventory is something that can be efficiently done with a good POS system. Look for a platform that tracks inventory based on orders, which will notify your wait staff when an item runs out, and that will generate purchase orders when the stock of an item gets low. When it comes to bars choose a platform that tracks the alcohol poured in every drink and alerts you when you get low on any ingredients. There are even systems that store drink recipes, allow you to see stock in real-time, and report on the best-selling drink orders.

Menu Management and Comprehensive Reporting

There are drink specials, dining specials, seasonal items and you need a Software for Restaurant that can keep up with all of those situations, plus all of the inventory changes you have every day and every week. Being able to program your POS to automatically accommodate these changes means servers won’t have to remember all the specials, or that someone won’t get charged the happy hour price instead of the regular price.

Do you know which servers are performing the best? Are you aware of your top-selling items? Sales (by item, hour, department, etc.), food costs, and labor expenses are just a few of the metrics that a good restaurant POS should be able to track. For example, POS reports can show you when you’re busiest and what the most popular drinks are so you know how to stock and staff accordingly. A good POS system generates those reports so you can accurately view your operation’s performance, take note of areas of improvement, and make educated business decisions as a result.

Technical Support

Whether you run a bar or a restaurant, you know the panic when your system goes down and that could be at midnight. The system you choose should provide customer support 24 hours a day so you can get your system up and running again in no time flat. Good support should also be there when you’re not in a panic situation, including during the initial setup, and with ensuing credit card help, software upgrades, and ongoing training. Technical support is often overlooked, but reliable help from your POS provider will go a long way towards your establishment’s success.

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Meet Ocean Craft Marine at Workboat 2021

Recognizing that each owner, organization or agency has its individual specific requirements, each Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) is custom built to order. Our team has 100+ years of combined experience in the marine industry.

After a long hiatus, Ocean Craft Marine today announced it will exhibit at the 2021 International Workboat Show in New Orleans,Guest Posting December 1-3. Produced by the same team as WorkBoat Magazine and, The International WorkBoat Show is a trade-only conference and expo for commercial vessel owners, operators and builders as well as the vendors and suppliers that serve them.

“We’re excited to be back at Workboat this year, “ said Todd Salus, VP at the Annapolis, MD-Based Manufacturer of world-class Professional RHIBs.” In this post-pandemic world, we felt we needed to get out and re-connect with our customers and colleagues, but we’re also on a mission.”

That mission, explained Salus, is clear and single-minded: To become the number one manufacturer of professional grade purpose-built Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats in the country.

“No one in the US can offer the same depth and breadth of product line, or come close to our dynamic design and production process, or our dedication to customer support” said Salus, “and Workboat is the best place to demonstrate that.”

Besides a whole host of experienced Ocean Craft Marine Solution Advisors on hand to talk individually to those wanting to learn more, the exhibit will feature scheduled moderated discussions with experienced professional operators across different Workboat categories on their unique mission profiles and how they handle the challenges that come with operating high performance vessels in often life-threatening situations. The 30-minute sessions will be held so as not to interfere with the popular Workboat Breakout sessions.

“Workboat is such a great show because it brings together under one roof all the individual sub-segments of the professional boating industry,” said Roy Nouhra, President and CEO of Ocean Craft Marine. “But which of our more than three dozen purpose-built professional RHIBs should we show? We thought about it and realized the answer was zero. Why cannibalize one sub-segment in favor of another? Let’s demonstrate us. After all, that’s’ s the real strength of our company – our people, our process and the way we work with our customers to help them complete their individual missions, no matter what specific Workboat they need.”

Ocean Craft Marine’s passion is to help Professional and Recreational boaters alike successfully accomplish their individual boating missions by providing the safest, highest quality, purpose-built rigid-hull inflatable boats in the world, and to support them throughout the entire ownership continuum.

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What’s it like to be a Heavy Rigid Driver?

Australia is a large country with many different industries and jobs. One of the most interesting and difficult jobs in Australia is that of a heavy rigid truck driver. Heavy Rigid Truck Drivers are responsible for driving trucks that carry goods such as cement, steel, and sand. They drive on highways to transport materials from one destination to another. The job often requires them to lift up heavy goods onto the truck themselves or use cranes for heavier loads. Those interested in doing this kind of job should however, first get their truck license training in Melbourne.

What is a heavy rigid driver and what do they do?

A heavy rigid truck driver is someone who drives large vehicles such as semi-trailers which have been loaded up with heavy loads weighing over 16 tonnes. This person will have many responsibilities including lifting objects by themselves or using cranes depending on what they’re carrying in their load. These drivers work different hours depending on where they’re located geographically and because this job requires them to be away from home often,Guest Posting it is important that you find somewhere close enough so that family members can visit easily if needed.

To become a Heavy Rigid Driver, you will need to have a current heavy vehicle license and follow a heavy rigid training in Melbourne. You will also need to have held your class C or higher licence for at least two years and have completed an accredited Heavy Vehicle Training Package (HVTP) course that has been approved by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). Once you’ve completed this, then you’re ready to start looking for work.

This is without doubt one of the most rewarding jobs in Australia today because it’s secure employment with many companies who are always on the lookout for new drivers. If you like driving long distances every day while enjoying great views around some of Australia’s most beautiful locations, then why not give truck driving a go? It might be just what you’re after. Whether they do their job independently or through a company, a truck driver’s job involves driving and delivering goods from one location to another. The heavy rigid licence is the highest class of license available for trucks in Australia, allowing drivers to drive both rigid (containers) and semi-trailers that weigh more than 15 tonnes gross vehicle mass. Heavy rigids are generally used on long distance routes or carrying large loads over short distances because they cannot be easily unloaded at distribution centres without specialist equipment.

The qualifications to be a heavy rigid driver

The qualifications required to become a heavy rigid truck driver include:

At least three years’ experience driving trucks to the class of licence you are applying for. You must have an Australian unrestricted driver licence.
Proof that you passed the Heavy Rigid training in Melbourne within six months before your application is submitted, unless it was done through another approved provider at any time in your life prior to this period.
A Medical Certificate stating that you meet all medical requirements applicable. This certificate must be obtained from an accredited doctor with specialist qualifications relevant to traffic medicine.

How long does it take to become a heavy rigid driver?

Becoming a heavy rigid truck driver can take around 18 months. It is recommended that you speak with an industry representative before you apply for your licence to make sure it’s the best option for you.

What are the benefits of being a heavy rigid driver?

Heavy rigid truck drivers can obtain many benefits such as flexible working hours, the ability to make their own decisions about what they do and how much work they carry out. They can earn a great salary as well as receiving benefits such as superannuation. These drivers get paid for the number of hours they work and are not paid overtime.

The dangers of being a trucker

There are also many dangers to the job which include driving in busy traffic, having to drive long hours and working away from home for many days at a time. These drivers are also required to follow strict rules about their driving including speed limits and must stick closely to the road laws.

Some of these dangers include fatigue due to being unable to get enough sleep while on the job as well as getting involved in accidents with other vehicles or pedestrians if not careful. They can also injure themselves by using machinery which is dangerous if used incorrectly such as chainsaws or scaffolding equipment. Although there are some risks that come with this job, it does have its benefits along with being very rewarding career choice for people who enjoy physical work outdoors without sitting behind a desk all day long.

Things you should know about driving trucks for work

If you are thinking of becoming a heavy rigid truck driver then you should know about some of the things you will be dealing with in this line of work. Not only are there good aspects to being a heavy rigid truck driver but also bad ones as well. For example, when driving trucks, it is important that you keep your vehicle clean at all times to avoid paying fines if caught by traffic police for having an unclean truck. Although most people don’t think twice about who cleans their car or company vehicles that they drive, certain jobs require specific tasks before and after working hours which can include cleaning up any dirt or mud from tyre tracks on surfaces where other cars have parked so it doesn’t ruin anyone’s day because otherwise, they will receive a penalty.

It is also a very tough job to be a truck driver. It is very hard on the body because it takes time to build up the muscles needed to handle such large vehicles that are difficult to manoeuvre at times, especially when driving uphill or downhill and requires great strength in order to maintain control of the vehicle through any weather conditions.

Driving heavy rigid trucks can also be dangerous if you don’t follow certain safety guidelines like stopping fully before entering an intersection so your trailer doesn’t swing out into other lanes causing accidents, checking tyre pressure regularly for better grip while turning corners, making sure you’re not fatigued after long hours behind the wheel which could lead to mistakes happening more easily than usual etc. Heavy Rigid drivers should always make sure they stay alert during their shift as well as when driving through the night. This is because night driving can be more deadly than during the day due to reduced visibility and fatigue.

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Most Promising Event Management Company

Sapphire Connect is a B2B meeting specialist

Suggested Title: Grab The Best Details On The Below Topic

Not many businesses have taken event hosting as a serious mode of marketing a brand. If you have been negligent about considering this channel as an important mode of promoting your company’s online presence,Guest Posting then it is high time you took a close look at the various key aspects that have made event hosting and sponsoring, a promising mode of familiarizing your business in the market. There is no doubt that the most promising event management company does a mammoth task for the organizing team. However, with a little help from event management experts, you can easily become the proud hosts of a corporate event that has a global outreach.

Know few tips on how to select the best company that will handle all important sub divisions of event seamlessly. The way they have organized has become important marketing and promotional tool for many most promising event management companies to attract new clients and sustain existing ones. Even when we speak of personal events where we want to leave eternal impression on the guest invited and leave them good ambiance and warmth offered. While we all would love to take things in our hands and be responsible for making the occasion memorable and successful hit the consequences of this decision may result in being stuck in an environment.

There comes the need of hiring most promising event management companies who are competent enough to carry out the varied task with ease and capably. Thanks to those who resolve nothing less than perfection the event management industry value millions of capital. The fact that when good amount of companies are present the interesting point where the decision is left on how to choose the best among the many. Spreading the news of good event management organization or companies across neighbourhood would be excellent way to get some recommended names. So the opportunity that some trustworthy circle would have avail services before in the earlier period and who would be an improved source.

Visit the social websites of the best companies which are very good sources to gather any sort of information about anything and anyone. Paying more attention to customer’s reviews, feedbacks and ratings section of the most promising event management company will be helpful for you to decide on whom to rely. Not necessary each and every source is reliable an online search will help you to get somewhat generic idea. The best way to find if the company is genuine or not visit their desired location, you will also get to know how professional they are. Observe the small things on your visit.

Notice the approach when you are asking for a communication with the staff members is it welcoming or their puts you off in some way. Review the past work of the most promising event management company is more crucial in decision making. Event organizing is not a matter of joke and many may allege to be proficient enough to perform their duties and job being done one needs to determine this is on the basis of the precedent work experience. Ask more of media that will give you apparent idea of the capabilities if they are accurate as per your detailed need.

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Mary Kay Consultants – How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Mary Kay consultants are sales representatives of the Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay is a well known brand of beauty products such as cosmetics and skin care products. The headquarters is located in Texas, United States. The company was formed in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. Her son Richard Rogers now sits as chairman and CEO of the company.

The company became public over the counter market in 1968. It went to the New York Stock exchange in 1976 but by 1985 the company was again made private when Mary Ash bought back the company through a leveraged buyout. As a private company Mary Kay is not obligated to make public its revenue or financial information to the public.

Mary Kay consultants are presently in a large number of countries around the world. Recent criticisms in the US market have fueled a vigorous expansion into foreign markets. In the United States Mary Kay have over 200 beauty products while their number of products in other countries differ depending on local laws and market influences.

Mary Kay runs its business as a form of network marketing although a lot of people are now arguing that it is more of a pyramid. Despite popular belief Mary Kay consultants are NOT required to buy a bunch of products to join the program. The only requirement is to purchase the what is called the beauty case upon enrollment. For $100 plus tax and shipping the enrollee receives over $350 in full size product which is enough to introduce the product to at least 30 people.

Mary Kay consultants make money from two main sources. They make money from retail selling of the Mary Kay products which are sold to them in wholesale prices. They also make money from recruiting others. Many claim that the later method accounts for a large chunk of the revenue made by Mary Kay consultants which accounts for the vigorous pressure they place to recruit new marketing consultants. When a Mary Kay consultant successfully recruits a new marketer, the new consultant would have to purchase products to begin. The consultants on top gets a commission on the worth of products purchased.

A lot of women find Mary Kay products to be very helpful and a number of others do well as Mary Kay marketing consultants. Your ability to succeed just like with other network marketing companies lies in your ability to identify and attract leads and prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

The truth of the matter is that over 95% of the individuals that join Mary Kay or any other network marketing company don’t make over $200 a month. If you are a serious Mark Kay consultant then you will want to learn how the top earners truly make their money in this industry. Here is a hint, they don’t pitch their Mary Kay opportunity upfront.

Most top earners have a duplicable, self branding, customizable, attraction marketing system that does all the selling, telling, and showing for them. They use a system that helps you brand yourself and attract prospects that are already looking for what you have to offer. If you are tired of being a struggling Mary Kay consultant go here to get instant access to free training that will be a complete paradigm shift. Gone are the days of rejection and cold calling. Welcome to a new way of living.

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Social Networking Consultant Hiring Tips

I’ve been hired as a social networking consultant for a few companies, and with 2011 marking a new year, a lot of small businesses (and huge corporations) are really trying to put in the efforts to conquer social networking websites once and for all.

Is This a Social Media Consultant?
I’ve seen a lot of companies trying to outsource a social media consultant position to a younger person, someone who understands how to post/edit things on Facebook. The said business owner figures all they need to do is have some kid post updates to their Facebook every now and then, I mean, it’s just about putting your stuff online isn’t it?

This is such a mistake, and can actually hurt your business in the long run! You have to plan your Facebook marketing (and all social marketing) with the same type of planning and thought that you would put into any other marketing endeavor. Just because someone has the most Facebook friends doesn’t mean they should be your social networking consultant.

How to Evaluate a Social Media Marketing Consultant

A social networking consultant should understand your type of business, and how to apply this business online. Social media marketing is a new form of online advertising, and the rules are completely different than with yellow page advertising, or even online pay-per-click advertising. The person in charge of your social accounts should understand this.

On the other end of the spectrum, just because someone has years of experience in marketing or sales doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the best choice for your consultant. In fact, I’ve often found that people with the best sales background actually do worse than the average person would when it comes to social media marketing. The best usually end up prevailing, but they still have to get around the learning curve.

Find a social networking consultant who has a plan to make your business social online, and can tell you how your brand can benefit.

5 Questions to ask the Social Networking Consultant:
1. Does this person understand your company’s practices, and more importantly, the time constraints that your company has?
2. Does this person’s vision of your online presence make sense? Are they trying to get you to basically spam your potential followers, or are they trying to help your company build its brand?
3. Is this person’s pricing structure reasonable for the work they’re doing, or the return you’re getting?
4. What is this social networking consultant’s goal for getting your followers/fans to actually become your customers?
5. Finally, does this person do a good job of explaining social websites to you, or are they treating you as a child whose hand they’ll have to hold the whole way?

These five basic questions will help you hire a better social networking consultant. What you really want to do is capture someone who understands online AND offline marketing, and can help apply that to social networking. Don’t just hire the first big branded company, or small time kid!

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So You Want to Become An Independent Consultant – Part One

Frequently I’m asked by other HR professionals how they can become an independent HR Consultant, as opposed to working for a company. It certainly sounds wonderful to be your own boss, setting your own schedule and managing your own workload. And understandably, you yearn to have a better balance between your work and family lives. But in order to build a successful consulting practice, you have to possess many skills in addition to being an HR expert.

In this first article on this topic, you’ll learn key considerations in setting up your own consulting practice. I’ll cover practical tips for you, based upon my 8+ year of experience in running my own business. In this article you’ll learn what questions to ask yourself to determine whether consulting is the right path for you, and how you can establish yourself as an HR expert in the marketplace.

So how do you even begin to assess whether it’s the right choice for you?

1. First, you’ll need to answer some hard questions:

¢ Can I financially survive if I don’t have consistent cash flow?

¢ Can I get or do I have medical benefits in place once I’m on my own?

¢ How will I get my first contract?

¢ Am I knowledgeable enough in my chosen area of HR expertise to be perceived as a valuable resource by my peers and potential clients?

¢ Do I have enough presence in my local HR community to be called by companies for consulting assignments?

¢ Do I have the skills & know how to market my business?

¢ Am I disciplined enough to work hard to make my business succeed or do I need to report to someone else to consistently generate work?

¢ Can I work from home or will I need to rent office space?

¢ What will my “start-up” expenses be?

¢ Will I be able to assemble a team of independent contractors who can help me grow my business?

¢ Will I be able to delegate work to others to accomplish my goals?

¢ Do I have people to support me in this business endeavor (other professionals and your family members)?

¢ And finally, just how good am I at tech support (Just joking!)

Your assignment: Take out a tablet of paper and spend some quality time reviewing each question. Think about how this major change in your professional life would impact you and your family and whether it makes sense for you to pursue this professional change given your answers to these questions.

2. Develop Your Expert Status. Last August in a presentation that I gave to a group of HR Professionals, I emphasized that one of the ways I was able to grow my career over the years and eventually go into business for myself was to develop a niche. I’ve achieved expert status in compensation by working with many different industries in the field for 20+ years, plus getting my CCP from World at Work, and my M.A. in HR & OD. My niche has been in compensation, with about 70% of the consulting work that I do in this area of expertise.

How can you build your own skills to gain expert status and become self-employed? Evaluate your own skills where you know you excel, the performance reviews you’ve received over the years that identified your strengths, compliments or awards you’ve received from your company’s managers/employees to determine in which technical area of HR you want to become an expert. You already know which technical area of HR you enjoy the most, whether it’s recruiting, total rewards, training, strategic planning, etc.

Then set out to get an advanced degree coupled with a professional certification that demonstrates your knowledge such as certification through SHRM or World at Work. Having a master’s degree gives you more credibility as an external consultant, and coupled with many years of work experience provides the credentials you’ll need to make it as an independent consultant.

And finally, build geographic and professional connections within your community and beyond by networking and volunteering in both related (or personally chosen) non-profit organizations. Become active in your local SHRM chapter, Rotary Club, school and church organizations, and any special interests that you have (SPCA, etc.)

Stay tuned for Part II on “So You Want to Become an Independent HR Consultant,” when I’ll discuss “Key Marketing Tips for Growing Your Consulting Practice.”

Copyright 2008 Regan HR, Inc.

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Become A Consultant: Be Your Own Boss

Consultant refers to a professional engaged in providing expert advice in particular fields such as accountancy, management, environment, technology, entertainment, law, human resources, emergency management, marketing, medicine, food production, finance, economics, life management, communication, public affairs, engineering, graphic design, waste management etc. Consultants are generally experts in the field/s in which they deal and have extensive knowledge as well as experience in it. As a consultant an individual may work for a consultancy service, or may be self-employed. As it is, a consultant is an independent contractor and not the employee of a hiring organization.

Depending upon the area of expertise a person has, he or she can always become a consultant. While some fields may require you to have some special requirements or pass certain exams, there are some fields, where there are no such limitations. A consultant is required to make recommendations, solve problems, or offer specialized services, like programming, designing, writing, editing, as well as business analysis. They are generally paid on an hourly basis, project basis, commission basis, or performance basis.

If a person intends to become a consultant, then he or she should be prepared to be a risk taker. While he or she has the freedom to decide their own working hours, pick the clients, refuse any assignment as well as work with numerous types of projects; he/she should also be prepared to work without a regular pay, benefits of health care, administrative help, tech support as well as other things that most employees may take up for granted.

Whether you intend to become self employed or work for a consultancy firm, for becoming a consultant, you are almost always required to have extensive experience and a good track record in the field you are intending to deal with. This experience and knowledge must be reflected through clearly-defined results, such as increase in the sales or profits of an organization during a particular period of time, or lowering of costs; all through the efforts of the consultant. The more impressive your track record is, more would be the number of people who would love to hire you. An impressive resume is therefore very much necessary.

However, for most consultants getting the first project, assignment or client is by far the biggest hurdle. Since you are new in the business, the faith of the customer is scarce. Once you have secured your first project or assignment, the rest may eventually turn out to be quite easy. When it comes to seeking clients, one of the best and most commonly used methods is that of approaching your old associates, clients that one has worked with during the course of his/her previous employment.

A consultant should also be aware of the laws and regulation of the area of jurisdiction in which he intends to do business. This would help in avoiding legal issues in future. One must therefore be aware of the various laws related to the business.

It is also important that a consultant keeps himself/herself updated about the latest developments in his/her respective fields. This is very important. Unless you are updated, you can not hope to survive in this fast paced world. Customers would expect the latest and so being updated is more of a necessity and not an advantage.

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